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One minute, your computer was running fine. Then something happened … or maybe your computer has been slowing down, crashing, or misbehaving for some time. Either way, CSR Computers offers a hassle-free service to fix your computer and prevent future problems.

On-site service:

When you call or submit a service request, CSR Computers will send, a certified expert to repair your computer and let you get back to normal life!

  • Diagnose the problems you’re experiencing
  • Remove spyware, malware and viruses
  • Upgrade your security to prevent future attacks
  • Fix your internet connection, firewall, or home network
  • Resolve any software conflicts
  • Make sure your peripherals are all connected and configured properly — printers, PDAs, cameras and more
  • Clean any parts that may be causing trouble
  • Install new parts should you need them.

If your computer is in really rough shape, you can also drop off or schedule a pickup for repair in our shop, extending the life of your machine.

There is no charge for any pickups within a 10 mile radius of our business location, as everyone knows the price of gas has skyrocketed and we have no choice but to charge a fee beyond the 10 mile radius of $1.00 per mile.

To schedule an appointment please call 812-381-3826 or you can request a service appointment by using our contact form on our website (please insure that you include a contact phone).

Immediate remote support:

Need help RIGHT NOW! CSR Computers can provide instant remote computer diagnostics and repair for:

  • General problem diagnostics & computer repair
  • Network security checks
  • Spyware removal
  • Virus removal
  • Wireless network repair
  • Software assistance
  • Software Install
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Mysterious crashes and performance issues

Our remote sessions are the same price as our in home rate with no hiden fees.

To start an immediate remote session you must first contact us via phone or our website (listed below) our website is avililable 24/7 (see local hours for phone), this is to arrange a session time and payment method.   

You must be able to download our client software a very small self-contained remote software no installing no saving to your computer just click on the link and run it, we guaranty this to be 100% safe. This software allows us to connect to your computer via Internet connection, once the session is over the software will be completely removed.

Once a session time and payment has been made we will send you an email link to download our client software and Instructions on how to run it, and how to start your remote session.
Once your remote session has started one of certified technicians will get right to work on your problem(s), during the session you will also be able to speak to our tech one on one or even start a video chat if you prefer.


812-381-3826 or Contact Us by clicking here.




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